Ryan Shelton (Design)
Mobile IQ (Development)
Design a digital publishing system for BBC to distribute magazines to iPad.
Work with Mobile IQ to develop PressRun, Mobile IQ's cloud-based digital publishing solution to deliver innovative, interactive tablet and mobile experiences. PressRun builds iPad Apps using the HTML5 web language and InDesign, familiar software used by print designers and publishing houses, enabling them to add animation, graphs, audio, slideshows and 360° images to their publications.
App Extras
As we weren't defined by a set number of printed magazine pages we had the option of bonus features like behind the scenes extras.
The beauty of iPad is that it offers totally new interactions not possible with print. The beginning phase was to imagine what sort of extras we could offer iPad owners who downloaded the Top Gear magazine.
360° Virtual Tours + Make use of Maps and GPS
Spin, rotate and zoom into models. See routes driven and where the photos were taken.
Video, Audio, and Music
Watch Top Gear presenters in action, hear the engine roar, listen to a playlist of "Driving Music".
Augmented Reality
Scan the cover to drive an augmented Ferrari SA Aperta.
Explore new car features.
Cover Animation
These were exciting, groundbreaking ideas at the time, but are certainly things we take for granted and even expect in iPad Apps nowadays.
Story Strip
Combining many of the ideas above into a single story.
The article included engaging video, engine roar audio, GPS location for the photoshoot and a stunning photo library.
Wireframe of a section of the system designed
to build iPad Apps using PressRun.
Digital publishing system for BBC to distribute magazines to iPad.
Portfolio of Work