Version 2: Design Refresh
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Wow really good
I understood very little of golf, it was on the telly, annoyingly and I had noticed this app in the store trending, so I thought I'd check it out, besides the sweet as candy beautiful UI, I actually ended up following most of the first round from the iPad... I got it! So now I guess I don't mind golf! This must be a "gateway app" because I got quite hooked on watching the players moving around the course and seeing the leader change every few minutes early on, very fun. All sports apps should be like this, we can't all go to the real thing you know! Kudos The Open!!!
Racer Girl 05
Literally perfect
Quite the most amazing app. Intuitive and perfect in every way. Child's play to add and manage favourites. Dramatically enhanced ability to follow the tournament. Looking forward to next year!
Best designed sports app I've ever seen!
World class app! Stunning, beautiful, well designed. Really terrific!
Great App!
This is a superb App! Content, functionality, ease of use, everything works, totally intuitive!
No. 1 Free App
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*Quote via Future Workshops
“It's the Royal & Ancient leading the march to technological progress.”
Geoff Shackelford
Golf Digest
“It has been a striking transformation: a surprisingly enthusiastic embrace of the new by the world’s oldest golf major.”
The New York Times
Fans told us that following the timeline meant they felt they were at The Open even when they were on a work break at the office.*
First iPad App Wireframes
The plan was to design a dashboard where fans could get an overview of The Open Championship on a single screen. Watch live video, keep an eye on the leaderboard, follow favourite players, experience course flyovers, view up-to-the-minute news and social media updates.
Version 1: The Skeuomorphic Era
Offering unrivalled coverage of the event, the app features live video and radio feeds, a social media news feed and real time leaderboard, making it the place to get the most up-to-the-minute information from this iconic tournament. The app achieved number one status in the App Store in over 100 countries, and set the bar for using mobile technology to enhance the experience of following golf, and sport in general.
The Open App allows users the chance to get into the swing of golf’s oldest and most prestigious Major.
Ryan Shelton (UX, Design Lead)
Adam Shelton (UX, Design)
Future Workshops (Client, Engineering)
Balance exciting features on the course with live content off-course. Combine live scores, video, social media and player stats. Give people who would love to be at The Open, but are unable to attend in person the opportunity to immerse themselves in the championship.
The Open App allows users the chance to get into the swing of golf’s oldest and most prestigious Major.
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