Ryan Shelton (Design Lead)
Adam Shelton (Design)
Create a digital, app version of the printed book. With a tight deadline and zero funding, publish The One using the Mag+ platform. Create a promotional website and video.
Translating the print version of this book into an app that looked good on both phone and tablet was an interesting challenge.
The book is packed with stunning photography which lends itself perfectly to being showcased in digital form. A good amount of time was spent understanding the restrictions posed by the publish platform while exploring the best ways to take advantage it them.
Final App Designs
Available for iOS and Android
More than a simple series of click though screens, stories were layered over alluring full screen photography. A consistent visual language and interaction was created yet we strived to make each story feel unique and fresh.
The author, Carlos Darby interviewed a number of key pastors and these sections work particularly well in the app. The Q&A interviews work like a vertical slide show where people read the question and then discover the answer by scrolling the response onto screen.
For a visual generation.
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