Ryan Shelton (Design Lead)
Adam Shelton (Design)
Designbyspirit (Design)
Hillsong Digital Team (Development)
Phil Peters (Strategy)
Design a unified digital platform centralising all Hillsong websites into a single website and under one brand. Provide an intuitive user experience and deliver quality content that inspires, engages and equips people.
Version 1 Wireframes
With over 60 dispersed websites, the first challenge was to gather and consolidate all the information and separate what was still relevant and required from what had become redundant.
The next task was to construct a flexible system that would allow new initiatives to be easily integrated into the website and assemble a fluid design language. This design language would embody the values of Hillsong and be flexible enough to be seamlessly applied to all initiatives across the new website.
Design Process
With so much happening at Hillsong Church one concept we focused on was to design a “mashup” of content.
The “mashup” would serve to highlight upcoming events, view photos from past functions, listen to podcasts, watch Hillsong TV episodes, purchase resource and highlight inspiring tweets and blog posts.
Forming a consistent brand language
The global navigation needed to be flexible enough to incorporate new campuses and expressions of Hillsong Church.
Making it responsive
Hillsong.com was built to be a useful resource and experience, not just a website, for members to easily find relevant information no matter what their device.
Hillsong.com was Ranked #24 in the Top 25 online ministries (by visitor numbers) prior to the redesign. Since the redesign Hillsong.com is the #1 largest church website in the world (by visitor numbers).
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Hillsong exists to reach and influence the world by championing the cause of local churches everywhere, changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life.
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