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User Reviews
Love it!
Love how it brings all the best content from Hillsong into one place!
Well put together
All my social media feeds in one place, including Hillsong Collected and Hillsong TV Episodes. Brilliant. I like that I don't need to leave the app for interaction.
Beautiful app, love it
This is a really well-made app. Elegant and seamless. One of the best if not THE best I've come across.
Rachella Ella Ella
Final App Design
The card concept was ultimately scrapped and replaced with a single scrolling ticker-tape-like interface, a little like an unending roll of film.
The initial idea was to use cards and fill each card with a combination of Tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook Photo Albums, Blog Posts and Hillsong TV Episodes.
Version 1 Wireframes
Flick through cards (pages)
Pinch to see all cards (pages)
Preliminary Sketches
Ryan Shelton (Design)
Phil Peters (Development)
Hillsong’s app presented an opportunity to share the church's engaging and inspiring content to its users by inviting them to connect with the Hillsong team around the world. Provide access to Hillsong TV, blogs from the leadership team, integrate Instagram and Twitter feeds. Include a comprehensive events calendar, making the Hillsong app the best way to keep in touch with all of the developments at this global church.
iPad Wireframes (Unused)
Through thirty years of pioneering, Hillsong has become a globally recognized and respected church, with a presence across twenty two countries.
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