Ryan Shelton (Design Lead)
Mobile IQ (Client and Development)
Prior to the launch of the iPad, BBC had no App Store presence. The BBC News App needed to be one of a kind to set them apart from other news sources already on the App Store. This would be BBC's inaugural app. It had to be live in the App Store the same day iPad would be available worldwide.

We had 3 months...
Early Sketch
This single focus led to the scrolling carousels concept which presented news articles in a mosaic. This grid of cards showcased an overview of breaking news on a single screen.
Early Design and Prototyping
Prototypes were printed on paper at the size I knew the iPad screen to be. These paper prototypes were used to gauge readability, font size and tap targets.
iPhone App Typography and Carousel Specs
Before the days of Zeplin 🙌
Wireframes of the core functionality were created, refining the carousel concept by separating news categories into stacks. Core functionality added to the homepage included a breaking news ticker, the ability to watch a live video stream, edit and arrange categories, increase or decrease font size, share articles and the option to manually refresh news stories.
At the time, we knew little about the iPad, no one had physically seen one but we knew that it had a screen resolution of 1024×768 and was roughly the size of an A4 page. I worked on a number of ideas all the while focusing on creating an app that would allow people to read an article from just one tap.
A beta app was built and run on a simulator before we could test BBC News on a real iPad.
One month before the iPad launch we were invited to the BBC headquarters to test the app on an actual device. A pre-release iPad was locked down to a table in a secret room. Here we tested the app for the first time and discussed ways to make the app look and run better.
April 3, 2010
iPad launch day
Apple had an stunning app from the BBC in the App Store ready for the global launch of the iPad and the BBC had a flagship app they could be proud of.
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